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Sail away from the safe harbor
Entrepreneur Quotes: Whatever you do, be different. by “Anita Roddick”
Entrepreneur Quotes: Quality is not for compromise “Dee Dee Artner”
Entrepreneur Quotes: Do. or Do not. There is no try “Yoda”
Entrepreneur Quotes: User Experience is everything
Entrepreneur Quotes: Be determined to be Determined
Entrepreneur Quotes: Constraint inspires creativity


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Entrepreneur Quotes: Patience is a virtue not a vice
Entrepreneur Quotes: Get excellence or live average
Entrepreneur Quotes: Drown those degrading thoughts
Entrepreneur Quotes: Pursue your dreams “Rachel A. Olsen
Entrepreneur Quotes: Goals Aren’t Enough
Always contend for the good
Think big from the beginning
Someday is a dangerous word
Never, Never, Never Give up “Winston Churchill”
A new week means new goals
Entrepreneur Quote: stupid is the new smart
Explore Dream Discover “Mark Twain”
Don’t Wait. start stuff “Richie Norton”
Entrepreneur Quote Watch, Listen, and Learn
If you begin you win
Screw it, Let’s do it
Dare to be Different
Trust your instincts “Estee Lauder”
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