Top Quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam About Dreams

The former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is known not only to the country’s citizens but to the world. This guy was an engineer, scientist, teacher, and India’s President. What most don’t know is that he’s also a motivational speaker and has visited several countries inspiring people to chase their dreams and do something bigger than themselves. Here is a collection of some such inspirational quotes about dreams by APJ Abdul Kalam.

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes About Dream

“Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

An ideal figure for young Indian minds to look up to, he shows us the true value of dreaming big, tenacity, and hard work towards achieving that dream. His words can help us understand him better and help us in times of trouble to think like him. Some of his quotes are very inspirational and will definitely help us achieve our dreams.

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