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Happy Women’s Day Whatsapp Wishes, Saying Meme, GIF –  8 th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day all across the world. This day is symbolic of the women’s strength and patience in general. Our team has decided to do our bit by providing a tremendous variety of Happy Women’s Day Whatsapp Wishes, Saying Meme, and GIF absolutely free. These wishes are specially crafted by our creative team to make these ladies feel special and wanted. Why do we need a day to celebrate to respect the female members of society? Why can every day not be celebrated as an International Women’s Day? We all need to plan an idea where the masses understand the respect of Women for the days to come. The whole world should come together to provide a better atmosphere and safety to the future daughters. Help the future daughters to have a better future to live in, and make a pledge to do the same this International Women’s Day. This collection of Motivational Whatsapp wishes, sayings are crafted to be forwarded among your friends on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the most popular texting apps that keeps you connected with your loved ones even when you are far away. So, use this app to spread the message of love and respect towards the women. Save to make this day special and interesting for all the ladies around you. You can also download these wishes and make them personalized in your own way. Save right away!

Happy Women’s Day 2018 Greetings and E-cards

Happy International Women's Day 2017 Greeting cards
Happy Women’s Day Free Greeting cards

Among all the holidays of the year, today is my favourite one, because I’m strongly convinced that a woman is the greatest reason to be happy, joyful and grateful. Happy Women’s Day!

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I’ve seen many beautiful things. I’ve seen oceans and mountains, great architecture and masterpieces. But for me woman was, is and forever will be the most magnificent and charming thing in the world. Happy Women’s Day!

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Throughout history women were the greatest source of inspiration. So many poems, books and paintings were devoted to them. And it was not without a reason, because all women hold an enchanting mystery within them that captures men’s hearts.

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The world without women is like a blank canvas without any paint. It would be dull and grey without you, our dear women. Never stop bringing happiness, joy and beauty to us!

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Today is the day, when we honour and cherish our mothers, sisters, wives… But they are so beautiful and amazing that deserve having such a nice holiday every day of their lives.

Happy Women’s Day Free GIF Background

We owe much to women. They gave us birth, they gave us life and love. They make us admire everything they do, because it’s all about love, care and beauty –the essential elements, on which the world holds.

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Women are the most wonderful and mysterious creatures on Earth. They are able to be so different and so similar at the same time. They are able to be strong and weak simultaneously. And that’s why we love them so much.

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You are like spring: beautiful, tender and inspiring. And just as the first flowers are in bloom, may your life be colourful and sweet too!

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Let you always shine like the Sun
Let the smile always decorate your lips
Let the blue violets play in your eyes.
Have a wonderful Women’s Day!

Top 5 Quotes for International Women’s Day

You Can not Shake Hands With a Clenched Fist :-Indira Gandhi

Whether Women are better than men i cannot say – But i can say they are certainly no worse :-Golda Meir

When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises :-Angela Markel

Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry :-Gloria Steinem

Of course i am no worried about intimidating men .The type of man who will be intimidated is exactly  the type of man i have no interest in :- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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